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A Hundred Billion Ghosts

A Hundred Billion Ghosts Review

After the blackout people discovered that ghosts do exist and had now become visible. And so it comes about that the normal and paranormal become as one.

Ryan's life is changed when he takes one of the spirits that live in his flat to become unattached to a chair. It is then he decides to start over again, but this time as a ghost, and for eternity.

But things don't go according to plan.

You know I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud at this  book. One part in particular set on Mount Everest, just made me roar.

This is everything you could ask for in a humorous paranormal mystery: great characters and a great plot.

D.M. Sinclair has written a novel that I for one know I will read time and time again, and never get tired of it.

So if you enjoy a book laced with poignancy, humour and loads to twists and turns then I recommend A Hundred Billion Ghosts wholeheartedly.

Five Stars out of Five

A Hundred Billion Ghosts
by DM Sinclair
Genre: Humorous Paranormal Mystery
319 pages

What if one day, ghosts suddenly weren't invisible anymore? The paranormal becomes normal in this fast and funny, wild and twisty ride through a world teeming with the ghosts of every dead person ever.

Ryan is a planner. Always two steps ahead, living in tomorrow. But sometimes, things just happen. Like the ghosts of every human who ever died suddenly materializing and making the whole world haunted. That was a bit of a surprise.

Ryan's new plan: to get a fresh start on life by joining the dead. One sketchy experimental procedure later, he has left his body behind and become a ghost. And that's when things start to go wrong.

Realizing he made a terrible mistake, Ryan wants to be alive again. But his body has mysteriously vanished. And whoever took it will do anything to make sure he never finds it. Now Ryan has just ten days to race across the ghost-infested world and get back into his body, or be obliterated forever. Also, he missed breakfast.

A wild ride perfect for fans of Christopher Moore and Neil Gaiman, A Hundred Billion Ghosts is a "hilarious and compelling" paranormal mystery thriller with "just the right balance of humor, poignancy, and twists".

If you've ever turned on a TV and are not picky, you've probably seen something written by DM Sinclair. He's done more than a hundred hours of that stuff, and will happily take the blame even for shows he didn't write.

Later he thought it might be nice to write books for a change. It isn't, though.

Nevertheless, he intends to keep writing as long as he is alive. After that he plans to visit Australia.

Like many Canadians, he lives in Canada.

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